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Hey, when did Tony Stark start Resilient?
— Anonymous  

the whole process starts in invincible iron man 25 written by matt fraction (also beware because larroca). it’s right after he wakes up from the brain deletion-induced coma.

Best written 616 fics?
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aaahhh okay listen i suck and i don’t do long fanfics?? i do have a fic rec tag and also this (fluffy tony/rumiko) is cute as hell, but they’re all ficlets and don’t pack the punch you might be expecting from something longer?

brandnewfashion tonyfujikawa igavethatbitchalink rumikofujikavva superiorhousewifetonystark krusca idk guys someone (even if i didn’t tag you) take this up for me because i’m not qualified in the fanfiction field :D

also if someone does answer this and your list includes a fic that’s not ship-centered then pls add a note and hook me up ok <3


                                                    “Until you die for me

                                               As long as there is a light

                                                  My shadow’s over you

                                     Cause I am the opposite of amnesia.” 

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i think it’s too late in the night for tony + knight things feelings but there’s also that one time he relapses and drunkenly breaks into a museum to try on one of the old armors on display

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"No go ahead honey, I’m kidding."

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My 9th Tumblr Giveaway, Downey edition

I printed 2 copies from this calendar and I am going to give one of them away to one of my followers. I found a really good shipping company and can ship world wide without a problem.

This is some information regarding the giveaway item :

  • Its 2015 calendar
  • Designed by me  - A4 Size
  • All the pictures are new from this year (2014)
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So, if you are interested in getting it, please read the rules below:

  • Reblog only count..just once is fine..
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  • The winner will be chosen by a number generator.
  • I will ship world wide
  • The Giveaway will end on 28th of Sept
  • I will notify the winner after 2 days
  • If i didn’t get a reply from the winner, I will pick another one :)

Good luck ;)

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This is a tumblr hug :) Pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite followers and remember don’t break the chain (◕‿◕✿)

AAAWWWW thank you platonic husband :D

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also how do you think tony stark came to terms with being sent to boarding school at 7

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  • tony stark doesn’t want to do sports
  • tony stark is an indoors kid
  • which is not to say he’s not energetic, he’s the kid that can never stop fidgeting ever but he’s also the kid who will busy his hands with building blocks and erector sets because those are things he can easily control and he’s good at and nothing can take this away from him
  • and he also likes reading. but he’s not like a bookworm per se, he can obviously sit down with a physics book but he’s easily bored by your “”“”“classical literature”“”” stuff or whatever it was that they taught him in english class at school but listen stories about adventures were his shit
  • stories about adventures with unquestionably awesome hero figures. kid tony (and adult tony tbh) totally digs that
  • (kill the notion that tony instantly gets attached to the first morally ambiguous character in a movie/tv show????? idk i’ve always seen him as someone with strong heroic ideals)
  • anyway
  • howard says PICK A SPORT
  • tony says yes he will. breaks into a cold sweat because he sucks at that stuff
  • one day during a family dinner he brings up the SCA
  • howard is just like mortified. HE SAID SPORTS TONY
  • maria jumps in his defense. howard SCA offers competitive courses on fencing and horseback-riding, etc
  • eventually howard is like ok
  • that night when tony is a bit nervous because he’s not too sure he’ll be good at horseback riding maria just tells him that he just needs to be kind to the horse and his instructors. tony promises he will be
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